About me

Nerea Buceta Fernández

Wedding planner


Events Manager

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. 

I am passionate about weddings. After several years  of experience as wedding planner and as event organizer in Mallorca, the island that stole a part of my heart, I signed onto a new beautiful project. I was really excited about the idea of coming back home, so the plan took shape in Galicia. After a lot of work and passion,  "Elefantes & gaviotas" was born.

I love decorating, you could say it is imprinted in my DNA, since my parents, the people I love most, have dedicated their whole lives to this trade and they have taught me that every little thing is important, that is why I believe that the success of a wedding depends on the small details. 

I am a hopeless romantic, so you should know I wont be able to fight tears on your wedding day. After a long time working and enjoying together the planning of such a special day, all the couples become part of my family.

Besides all above, I love enjoying nature and surfing. 

Mi favourite sentence: "Love is in the waves"

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